Can I make an appointment?


We can sit face-to-face in September/October to address tax concerns. In order to provide the safest environment for staff and clients alike, call for an appointment. Visitors must be vaccinated and masks are optional until the next Covid outbreak. January through April - in-person visits are limited. Please call to discuss in-person needs as most returns can be done remotely. 


What paperwork do you need?


We need all income documents, dates and payments of estimated taxes, proof of health insurance coverage, and a categorized list of deductions you may claim. The latter can include such things as mortgage interest, real estate and personal property taxes, medical expenses, charitable donations, college costs, child-care costs that allow you to work, MA rent paid, and water/sewer bills of MA residents if you are over 65. Remember, as cash basis taxpayers, deductions must have been paid, not just billed. We do not need miscellaneous receipts or bank statements for normal deductions. Keep those for 3 years in case of audit. If we need to see a specific receipt, we will ask for it separately. A list of required documents is available by CLICKING HERE - not everything will apply to you, but it is a start!



How do I drop off/mail/upload documents to have my return prepared?


Choose just ONE method (using more than one leads to errors and omissions):

1. Drop off documents in a single envelope with your name, phone number, and email address written on the envelope after calling your LOCAL OFFICE to confirm location-specific procedures. Remove all documents from original envelopes. As we separate and scan documents - do not staple, tape, or fasten documents together with other than a paper-clip.


2. Mail documents to the office - address available at LIST OF LOCATIONS.


3. Upload documents through our ONLINE PORTAL. Scan documents into .pdf format (no JPEG or PNG) using a scanner (digital phones have scan apps available), mobile device, or by visiting a retail document center like Staples. CLICK HERE for scanning and uploading instructions.


Where are you located?


We have eight offices throughout Eastern and Central Massachusetts. CLICK HERE to view a list of locations.


How has my tax situation changed?

(Major life and financial events)


Major life events that affect your taxes can include leaving a job or starting a new one, having or adopting a child, marrying or divorcing, buying, selling or inheriting property, sending a dependent to college, and more. We are here to answer questions. Please let us know when you have concerns regarding changes to life circumstances. We can be reached via email at, through our website via our ONLINE PORTAL, and by calling one of our OFFICES